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Welcome to the Masonic Auction Home page of I have collected some usefully links as well as interesting auctions for Mason items for sale. Having purchased many masonic items from eBay in the past, I highly recommend eBay for Masonic items as they have an extensive auction section. Please feel free to look thru the links to the right and see if anything catches your eye.


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What is Masonry?
I like to associate this question with what Freemasons do, and the following passage from "The Short Talk Bulletin of the Masonic Service Association of the United States Vol. 82, July 2004, No. 7" illustrates what we do in lodge very nicely:
    "True Masonic ritual, as it always was intended to do, teaches the great lessons of life: the importance of honor and integrity, of being a person on whom others can rely, of being both trusting and trustworthy, of realizing that you have a spiritual nature as well as a physical nature, of the importance of self control, of knowing how to love and be loved, of knowing how to keep confidential what others tell you so that they can "open up" without fear. In short, Masonic ritual teaches us to reach for a higher standard in conducting our lives."
Who are the Freemasons?
Many people like to present notable individuals as the "examples" of Freemasons. This list of famous Masons includes people such as: Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, L. Van Beethoven, John Wayne, John Philip Sousa, Douglas MacArthur, and Benjamin Franklin. It may be true that such famous faces in the fraternity bring some more attention to it, but I believe the more appropriate example of the men in Masonry is your grocery clerk, your banker, the small business owner down the street and a teacher in the neighborhood school. Good men in your community are Masons, and the local Masonic Lodge in your community makes good men better.
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masonic auction Advice for Masonic Sellers -
Mason Auctions is affiliated with eBay to provide the widest possible selection of Masonic products.  If you are interested in selling your Masonic items, please visit eBay and post your auctions there.  For best listings position at Mason Auctions, be sure to include the Category (as listed in the 'Main Menu' of this site) in your Auction Title.  You must have an active eBay account in order to place your items up for auction.